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About Us

Mission Statement

To enhance, maintain and protect the natural and cultural resources of the Kaena Area State Park for present and future generations through active community stewardship, education, and partnerships.

Position Statements

  • Develop partnerships with government agencies and the community to support Ka`ena.
  • Create opportunities for education and awareness.
  • Support increased monitoring and enforcement of park rules.
  • Raise funds for education, restoration, public outreach and enforcement.
  • Be a conduit for volunteerism and service projects that restore the natural landscape and stabilize erosion.
  • Build support for Friends of Ka`ena and expand our membership.
  • Support responsible use that preserves and protects Ka`ena’s fragile ecosystem, natural beauty, cultural and historical sites.
  • Support limited, permitted vehicular access on designated roads only.
  • Preserve, protect, interpret, restore, and educate users about cultural and historic sites.

Our beliefs

  • Kaena is a place of cultural, natural and historical significance.
  • Kaena Area State Park will be a world class park.

Our objectives

  • Work with government agencies in the updating and management of the Kaena Area State Park (Public/Private Partnership).
  • Create opportunities for education and recreation for residents and tourists.
  • Enhance the experience and safety of visitors to the park.
  • Support establishing a controlled entrance to the park.
  • Support establishing a Educational Welcome Center at entrance to park.
  • To support clearly defining road, provide designated areas to park and fish with permits.
  • Prevent the development of a road around the point.
  • Work in collaboration and establish relationships with community groups working on the park that are based on the Waianae side.
  • Be a conduit for volunteer groups who want to do service projects.
  • Support establishing a Transition/ Entrance Zone from the end of the airport to the end of the paved road. (Public/Private Partnership between Hawaii Fish Company and State and between YMCA Camp Erdman and State).
  • Support establishing a caretakers cottage and support rangers position.
  • Have a diverse and open membership.
  • Keep North Shore community groups, neighborhood boards and community associations informed about efforts related to the park.