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Albatross statistics for the year at Kaena Natural Area Reserve

It was a record nesting season for the Laysan Albatross “Moli” this year 2012 thanks to the predator-proof fence.

Pacific Rim Conservation completed banding all the albatross chicks on the island, and it was a record year for the island- we fledged the most albatross chicks ever! This is primarily because of the record # of chicks produced at Kaena, which is because so many of them hatched since they weren’t being eaten this year.

Here are the stats:

Kaena NAR:

  • eggs laid: 61 (previous high was 57 in 2010 season)
  • chicks hatched: 42 (69%)- this is a very high hatching rate- likely because predation was eliminated
  • chicks fledged: 31 (74%)- the previous highest # of chicks fledged was 24, so we blew that out of the water.


  • eggs laid: 32 (previous high was 27 in 2010 season, so this was a record for Kuaokala also)
  • chicks hatched: 20 (63%)
  • chicks fledged: 13 (65%)

We have also had some exciting visitors the last few months- including a Brown Booby that has been hanging out regularly; as well as banding our first Black-footed Albatross last month.

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