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Crossroads at Ka’ena Comments

Many of the 70+ comments ( link ) for the Star Bulletin article support limiting vehicles or stopping uncontrolled access to Ka’ena.  Read below for an excerpt:

Simple, this one. Limit vehicular access. Limit it stringently. Tutu
Honua will take care the rest of it herself. Plenty of other places for
the fat-wheelers to tear up that aren’t ecologically sensitive
(cane/pine land). Let the noise, fumes, soil erosion and attitude go
somewhere else.

Anybody who like can fish whenever get fish, but you gotta wear one malo, and no can use monofilament, coleman lanterns, Budweiser, leadweights, or blue tarps. Oh, yeah, and you gotta leave your Toyota 4-wheeler in da parking lot and hike out to your spot. No leave opala,
or I going give you dirty lickins. And if you no listen, I going karang
your alas and use you for bait.

auwe Times have taken its toll on our hawai’i nei and our peoples. The old practices should be applied to modern day. Those of you that know old ways should teach and guide. In the modern day we watch as our islands are desecrated and abused beyond recognition and it saddens us. We must look beyond our eyes and see in the heart of change and participate with that understanding. In this way, we pass on to our children the need to understand and seek the way. Whatever your choice may be, it will teach you a truth. Do not despair at what your eyes see. Know that we are witnessing and we are awake! imua

Close it off at the paved road ending. Stop the jeeps etc that tear up the place and make everyone walk in from the road end parking areas.
I have seen jeeps all the way out almost to the end and they tear up the vegetation.etc.
My family has walked in and spent the day. Its beautiful and should be preserved.

Great point about ‘Native gathering rights’ by the way – traditional methods ONLY should be allowed, and that means hiking in. The erosional damage that off-roaders have been allowed to do is shameful and must be halted because they WILL NOT control themselves – this has been clearly demonstrated. No one has the ‘right’ to ruin the aina, especially for some gas-powered thrill.

Take the friggin’ jeeps and trucks away and the point will heal itself…very simple…build a barrier…fishermen and hikers can walk with their tackle and backpacks…

There were times when my Kupuna would speak of Kaena Point being the spiritual departure of the dead. My earlier years in the 1980’s my buddies and I would would watch the sun’s rays touch Kaena like fingers as if it was to lift the spirits of the dead off the point into heaven. We’d camp, fish, gaze at the stars and respectfully leave offerings of thanks for safe passage and cleaned up before we departed from the reserve. I hope and trust that the next generation would understand the immense value of that land reserve, and maintain responsibility and respect the sacredity of Kaena. It’s a wonderful place to visit. Malama Pono o Kaena

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