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Friends of Ka‘ena Participate in Ka‘ena Point Advisory Group

Friends of Ka‘ena is a member of the Ka‘ena Point Advisory Group who are developing recommendations to improve conditions in the Ka‘ena Point Stewardship Area. The advisory group’s purpose is to “engage in constructive discussion to find a balance between the various interests and user groups and to advise DLNR on preferred management solutions for Ka‘ena Point” (DLNR website,  As there are many conflicting uses, there are also many strong opinions as to what should be allowed and how the park should be managed.  The group first met in April of 2009 and was initially supposed to meet for 6 months to develop a plan.  Site visits have been conducted to assist with decision making and to better understand the issues.

The advisory group continues to meet and consists of the following members:

North Shore Neighborhood Board – Jeff Alameida
Waianae Neighborhood Board – Jo Jordan
Camp Erdman – Josh Heimowitz
Friends of Ka’ena Point – Vicky Lyman, Bobby Titcomb (alternate)
Oahu Burial Council – Leimaile Quitevas
Office of Hawaiian Affairs – Kai Markell
Fishermen –Dennis Park (delegate); Sandra Park (alternate)
Cultural Practitioners – William Aila (delegate); Thomas Shirai (alternate)
Conservationists – Jennifer Metz (delegate); Cynthia Rezentes (alternate)

Controversial issues include access, vehicular use, road designations, camping, and enforcement. Compromise among the group is needed for recommendations that all members of the group can agree with.  Friends of Ka‘ena recognize this need to compromise and offer the following stance on the controversial issues:

One designated road with access control.  Vehicular Access would be limited to fishers and other permitted uses of the site.  The gate would be locked and the lock combination would change to control permitted access.  Because the state lacks the funds to be able to enforce rules at the park, gated access is recommended.

No camping.  While Friends of Ka‘ena appreciates and supports responsible camping, Ka‘ena Point State Park does not have the facilities to support camping.  Fishers are currently allowed to remain in the park throughout the night to fish, and FOK believes that this should remain.  Allowing camping without proper facilities will increase the damage to natural, cultural, and historic resources.

Ambassador Program. Friends of Ka‘ena support the ambassador position and would like to see it continue.

Enforcement. Friends of Ka‘ena support increased enforcement and presence on holiday weekends.

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