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Kaena Point 12-13-14

With the impending permitted entry into the Kaena Point State Park Reserve, Mokuleia Section, beyond the end of the paved road, the Friends of Kaena look forward to an improvement in the landscape. We hope for the vegetation to return and some semblance of order in how people drive within the designated road system. These photos were taken this past Saturday 12-13-14. As you will notice there is a lot of recovery that has to take place. We have hope that with the partnerships that have been established there will be a good amount of support to Malama Kaena. We hope you can join us in stewardship activities that will benefit this wahi  pana or storied place.


Alau Gulch


The road just before the Natural Area Reserve. Auwe! We have to respect our Iwi Kupuna.IMG_2508                                                                                                                                   IMG_2509




The area just before Manini Gulch approaching from the West. The remnant rock structure is being destroyed by off-road vehicles.


Manini Gulch


Erosion directly impacts the ocean as the following photos clearly illustrate.


We hope the designated roads and the permitted gate entry will help Kaena recover.

IMG_2498 IMG_2497 IMG_2495 IMG_2494 IMG_2493 IMG_2492 IMG_2490 IMG_2489 IMG_2488 IMG_2487

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