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Ka`ena Point Needs Your Help

Help protect Ka`ena!  Ka`ena Point has long been a very special place. Cultural and historic resources as well as threatened and endangered species are found throughout this sensitive dune ecosystem. Current unrestricted access is destroying these resources. Let the Ka`ena Point Advisory Group (KPAG) hear why we need to restrict offroad vehicle use and how to best protect the cultural, historical, and natural resources on Tuesday, July 27th at 7pm at Haleiwa Elementary School Cafeteria.  You can also fill out the KPAG survey to voice your opinion.  Please read our letter below for more information and recommendations from Friends of Ka`ena.  This decision regarding vehicular access will be one of the most important factors impacting Ka’ena Pt. that we make in our lifetime. Please spread the word, share the survey link, and show up in support for Ka’ena Pt!

For far too long, Ka’ena Pt. has been deteriorating due to mismanagement and abusive behavior. The primary because of destruction has been caused by off road vehicles being allowed to drive wherever they want. Because there are NO RULES or a designated road dictating where you can or cannot drive, many off road vehicles end up driving over cultural and historical sites as well as destroying native plants and wildlife. Some off-road enthusiasts have turned Ka’ena Pt. into their own off-road track. Hawaiian burials and iwi (bones) have been driven over and unearthed. Historical railroad trestles from Hawaii’s old railroad system have been damaged by off road vehicles trying to climb over them. Vehicles will commonly drive over the vegetation which holds the soils in place. When it rains, the muddy run-off drains into the ocean coating and destroying the coral reef. It’s a domino affect which is getting worse every year.

The Ka’ena Pt. Advisory Group (known as KPAG) was formed in 2009 to assist the state in management ideas for Ka’ena Pt. On July 27 of this month, KPAG will be hearing public input at the North Shore neighborhood board meeting (to be held at 7pm at Haleiwa Elementary). One of the topics that will be discussed at this meeting will be the issue of vehicular access past the paved road. The question is whether or not to have a “designated road” and if so where that road should be. KPAG will present three different road map plans for a designated road at Ka’ena Pt.

These “road maps” will range from:

  1. an upper road only
  2. a loop road
  3. a network road

* *Another option is for no vehicle access past the paved parking lot.**

The minority of individuals who want to continue to drive wherever they want at any cost to the “aina” will of course support the plan with the most amount of vehicular access or roads (in this case option 3). It is imperative that we show up at the July 27 North Shore Neighborhood Board meeting and support a plan which is MOST restrictive to vehicular access (option 1 or the no road option). The Friends of Ka’ena have always felt that the LEAST amount of vehicular traffic at Ka’ena Pt. is in the “aina’s” best interest. If a road is inevitable, then we believe the best option is a single upper road only, and that vehicular access be limited to government and permitted vehicles only. Pedestrian & fishing access has NEVER been in question and has ALWAYS been supported by the Friends of Kaena.

Along with showing up at the July 27 meeting it is equally important to “weigh in” at KPAG’s Online Survey. The results from both the meeting and the online survey will determine KPAG’s recommendation to the state regarding vehicular access. This decision regarding vehicular access will be one of the most important factors impacting Ka’ena Pt. that we make in our lifetime. Please spread the word, share the survey link, and show up in support for Ka’ena Pt!

Malama aina,

Friends of Ka’ena

* North Shore Neighborhood Board Meeting is July 27th at 7pm at Haleiwa Elementary School Cafeteria

• Ka’ena Point Advisory Group Website

• Please follow the link and take the survey


  1. Michael Stark says:

    I am a big fan of Hawaii and all of its beauty and culture. In fact a few years ago
    me and my wife were married on Waikiki Beach. My family, mother , father , and brothers
    have all been to Hawaii many , many times. I would support any efforts to keep Kaena Pt.
    clean and closed to motor vehicle traffic. We have enjoyed walking around the Pt. many times. It is a shame that people leave their trash or try and drive vehicles on this sacred
    ground. I cherish all of Hawaii and hope to be back again next year. Congratulations to the Mililani Middle School and others who try and keep everything nice for us and everyone to enjoy.

  2. David says:

    It is absolutely fantastic that the middle school and others are doing what they can to keep this area beautiful. Off road vehicles are a curse and should be banned from sensitive areas, which in Hawai’i, means a lot of territory. I live elsewhere now but applaud all of you!

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