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Voice your choice for Friends of Ka`ena at Haleiwa Patagonia [Last Week!]

Patagonia Haleiwa Voice Your ChoiceHaleiwa Patagonia chooses Friends Of Ka’ena as a candidate for the Voice your Choice Award!

Once a year, each Patagonia store receives $5,000 through Voice Your Choice to be divided among three pre-selected community environmental groups. Store customers then vote for the group whose work resonated most with them. Friends of Ka’ena is a candidate!

Please visit Haleiwa Patagonia to cast your ballot in their third annual Voice Your Choice campaign to help Patagonia Haleiwa decide how they should distribute $5,000 in grant money to three local environmental organizations. Simply stop by the Haleiwa store March 10-31, 2011, to learn about your local groups and vote. If chosen Friends of Ka’ena will use the grant to support school programs and restoration efforts at Ka’ena. Thank you!

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